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  9.1. Developing a Final Presentation of Your Nail It Then Scale It Journey (3 min.)

Throughout this program, you have learned about and progressed through each phase of the Nail It Then Scale It method. You have validated assumptions regarding customer pain before working on solutions. You have proven solutions with fast and cheap prototypes, which have allowed you to learn about solutions to pain without spending enormous amounts of time and money. And you have used your customer contacts to understand the customer-buying process before you made assumptions about marketing and distribution. In other words, you have done the right things in the right order.

While applying these concepts and principles, you may have even validated a sustainable business or you may have proven a business idea as not worth pursuing. Regardless of the outcome, you've hopefully come to appreciate how following the Nail It Then Scale It method can help you increase your chances of bringing an idea to market and reduce the amount of time and money spent on creating a new venture.

In order to illustrate the journey you've taken through the Nail It Then Scale It method while participating in this program, you will be assigned to develop a short video presentation. This presentation will be your final assignment for this program. Instructions on how to develop your final presentation are given on the following pages.

Developing this presentation will make it much easier for you to participate in additional programs and apply to other accelerators. Information regarding these programs is also given on the following pages.