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  9.5. Assignment: Develop a Presentation of Your Nail It Then Scale It Journey

Congratulations! You've made it to the final assignment: a presentation of your Nail It Then Scale It Journey. This presentation will illustrate how you've applied the concepts and principles in this program as you've completed all the previous assignments. This is the only assignment in the program that receives an evaluation. You must receive a 75% or higher on the final presentation to earn a Certificate of Completion from the accelerator.

Assignment Directions:

1. Create an 8 to 10-minute video presentation that describes how you applied the Nail It Then Scale It methodology to your original startup idea. You can use Microsoft's PowerPoint, Apple's Keynote, Prezi, or any other comparable presentation program. For instructions on how to create your presentation, see the information given on the previous pages.

2. Narrate the presentation with your voice, describing the slides and the process you went through.

3. Upload the video presentation to Youtube or Vimeo (if you want to keep your video hidden from the public, mark it as "Unlisted" - NOT "Private." If you mark it as "Private," the individual evaluating your final assignment will not be able to access your video. Consequently, you will not receive credit for completing this assignment and will not receive a Certificate of Completion from the accelerator.

4. Send the url link to your video presentation to

Final Presentation Grading Rubric: