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  5.1. Reviewing the Steps to Nail the Pain (2 min.)

To briefly review, your objectives during the first phase of the Nail It Then Scale It process, "Nail the Pain," are to:

  1. Clearly understand the customer pain
  2. Determine if this pain represents a real opportunity (a "monetizable customer pain")
  3. Either discover you were wrong about the customer pain and then pursue a different pain, or discover you were right and then move on to the next phase, "Nail the Solution."

We covered Steps 1&2 in the previous section, which taught the process for identifying your hypotheses and assumptions. This section will cover Steps 3&4, which will discuss the process for testing the hypotheses and assumptions you have identified.NISI Pain2.png

If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to download the following checklist, which will help you as you go through the Nail It Then Scale It process.