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  5.5. The Three Types of Customers (4 min.)

As you conduct your customer research, keep in mind that there are different types of customers with whom you should talk. For many solutions to a pain, there may be up to three different customer stakeholders within the company:

end user.png

  1. An End-User Customer - the person who uses the product or manages people who use the product
  2. A Technical Customer - the technical (often IT) person who installs or maintains the product
  3. An Economic Customer - the person who makes the ultimate purchase decision for the product

For example, in the case of the power plant security software, the "end-user customer" may by the Head of Security and his security guards. The "technical customer" would be the IT Manager. And the "economic customer" may be a member of the executive team or the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Later in the Nail It Then Scale It process, we will have you explore more thoroughly the needs of each of these customer stakeholders, but at this point you might want to explore the different types of customers in order to validate how the customer pain you hypothesized is relevant for each customer. Even though you are conducting a quick test, it will be more accurate the more closely you target your real customers.

(See Nail It Then Scale It, pgs. 81-82)