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  5.7. Assignment: Find a Sample of Customers

Now that you have identified your hypotheses and assumptions, it's time to test them by first making a list of potential customers that you could contact.

Assignment Directions:

1. Look at the "Customer Segments" section of your completed Business Model Canvas and identify who your potential customers are.

2. Use the suggestions below to make a list of contacts (three to five individuals) for each customer segment to whom you could reach out. Write down what sources you used to generate the list(s).

There are many sources from which you can generate a list of potential customers to contact. Below is a list of some potential sources.

  • Personal Network
  • Online Discussion Forums or Groups
  • Websites and Blogs
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Trade Magazines and Journals
  • Online Presentations (e.g., PowerPoint presentations)
  • Phone Books and Directories

3. If generating a list of customers from the previous sources is extremely difficult, a smoke test may be more appropriate. Instead of completing Step 2, create a simple smoke test and write down how you are using it to create a list of customers. Don't just create the smoke test. You must to launch it, too. You'll need the list of customers to contact in the coming weeks.

David's smoke test advertisement is below as a reference.


Note: You may be concerned that your list(s) is(are) too short or incomplete. That's ok. At this stage, it's important that you simply have a list that you can contact to test your hypotheses and assumptions in the coming weeks.