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  5.15. Jared Allgood of ClassTop on Capturing and Measuring the Results (3 min.)

Jared Allgood is currently the CEO of Juxta Labs, a social and mobile apps development company. In under two years, Juxta built the largest network of classmate relationships in the world, ClassTop, which was sold to publicly-traded

Do you remember Jared Allgood's initial email script to university CIOs for his company, ClassTop? His script generated a greater than 50% response rate to cold calls and emails. In the video below, Allgood shares his story of receiving a high response rate to his cold email.

My name is Jared Allgood. I am currently a student, and we are developing a software application that would make it easier for teachers to manage their courses through Blackboard. As I've interviewed instructors and administrators from several schools, I hear some of the same two complaints repeatedly: 1) The first complaint from administrators is that they're paying a substantial license fee to use Blackboard, yet less than 20% of instructors actually use it. 2) Second, from instructors I'm hearing that populating Blackboard with course content is painful. Because of Blackboard's linear process, you can't carry out multiple functions quickly. We'd like your input and feedback on the product we're proposing to build. Do you have a few minutes to meet?