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  1.17. Revisiting Greg and (2 min.)

It was during his crisis that Greg began to apply the principles behind the Nail It then Scale It process - a significant departure from traditional methods most entrepreneurs are taught to follow. Greg stopped developing, stopped selling, and started listening to the customer and the market. What he learned shocked him and led him to change course.

Within one year he went from one customer to signing up 200 new police departments with 2,000 new customers total signed by the third year, while also building one of the first successful Government 2.0 business models. What was the difference between failure and success? It was the process he followed, but not the intuitive one he had been taught his whole life. No, the lifelong ideas he had been told about how to be an entrepreneur were leading him down the road to failure. Using the principles, processes and tools described in this course, Greg was able to correct his process and build the leading crime-mapping company in the world.