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  1.18. Assignment: What Comes After a Big Idea?

In the section on The Process Trap, you learned that most entrepreneurs follow the traditional product development model when pursuing a big idea. Let's see what others think is the right method.


Assignment Directions:

1. Identify a mixture of three individuals (friends, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, etc.) and provide them with the following situation:

Situation: You have just come up with what you believe is an amazing web site idea (you can elaborate here if you'd like), and you want to turn it into a profitable business. What would you do first? What would you do second? And so on. If you could describe your process of going from "big idea" to "profitable business" in four or five steps, what would those steps be?

2. As they describe the process they would go through, record their answers.

3. Compare and contrast the answers you have received. Did they describe the traditional product development model? Did they describe a completely different model? What did you learn from their answers?