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  3.1. You are a Research Scientist (3 min.)

To set the stage for running the Nail It Then Scale It process, it is useful to think about your new venture as an experiment and your efforts in the light of a creative but unemotional scientist, trying to test whether your assumptions are right or wrong. Whether she is studying relationships among chemicals using test tubes or the effectiveness of different types of communication using human subjects, a scientist walks into her "laboratory" with a hypothesis - a set of assumptions regarding the truth of what she is studying. From there, she will conduct experiments to learn the validity of those assumptions. The faster she conducts those experiments, the faster she learns the truth.

As an entrepreneur in search of the truth, you should be developing hypotheses and conducting experiments just like a research scientist. And what is the goal? It is to LEARN. But what are you learning? You're learning whether your assumptions are indeed the truth and whether or not you should stay on the path or change directions.

david scientes.png

The following four principles to which you will be introduced in this section will help you, the entrepreneurial scientist, learn quickly and cheaply about the assumptions you are making before you take the big leap into building products. They are:

  1. Ensure Intellectually Honest Learning
  2. Get Out of the Building and into the Field
  3. Fail Fast and Learn to Change
  4. Conduct Rapid, Inexpensive, and Simple Experiments to Test Your Guesses

(See Nail It Then Scale It, pgs. 35-37)