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  3.18. Google Glass and Rapid Prototyping (8 min.)

Rapid prototyping is a tool employed by the most prolific innovators, from IDEO to Google. For example, Google has a rule that any new ideas should be prototyped quickly and cheaply in a day, or at most a week. Google has found that prototyping quickly and inexpensively is a key part of rapidly developing the solution. Marissa Mayer, an ex-VP at Google, once argued that “by limiting how long we work on something or how many people work on it, we limit our investment. In the case of the Toolbar beta, several key features (custom buttons, shared bookmarks) were tried out in under a week. In fact, during the brainstorming phase, we came up with about five times as many "key features." Most were discarded after a week of prototyping. Since only one in every five to ten ideas works out, the strategy of limiting the time we have to prove that an idea works allows us to try out more ideas, increasing our odds of success. Speed also lets you fail faster.”