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  4.8. David Writes Down His Monetizable Pain Hypothesis (3 min.)

david food truck.png

Let’s return to David and his efforts to be a successful entrepreneur. After the failed launch of his soccer stats website, David decided it was time to pursue a different method for launching a startup. Soon after, he discovered the Nail It Then Scale It method. Among many other important concepts, he learned how his role as an entrepreneur is like that of a scientist in a laboratory, and that he should start his experiments with a pain that he can test with customers before he builds products or raises money. With this new method in mind, David set out to apply it to his new startup idea: food trucks.

David's Monetizable Pain Hypothesis: "Individuals want to start food trucks in the city, but government regulations are strict, making it too expensive, time consuming, and difficult for them to pursue. If it were easier and cheaper for individuals to comply with government standards, more people would start a food truck."