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  4.13. Examples of the Big Idea Hypothesis (2 min.)

Below are a few examples of a Big Idea Hypothesis. Remember, the steps of the Big Idea Hypothesis are:

1. For (target customer [remember, what is the title on the business card and which industry are they in?])
2. Who (statement of the monetizable pain)
3. The (product name) is a (product category)
4. That (statement of key benefit - that is, the compelling reason to buy)
5. Unlike (primary competitive alternative)
6. Our solution (describe the big idea and statement of primary differentiation)

Subway_new_logo.pngSubway Restaurant (Chain of Healthy Fast Food Restaurants)

(1) For the mother of multiple children who (2) wants her children to eat healthy, but is too busy to cook or stop at healthy sit-down restaurants (3) Subway is a fast food restaurant chain that (4) allows mothers to buy their children good, healthy food while on the go. (5) Unlike McDonald's or Burger King, Subway (6) serves extremely healthy meals that don't cause mothers to feel guilty when serving them to their children.

Surf Air (Subscription-based Airline)Surf-Air.jpg

(1) For the frequent, wealthy business traveler (2) who dislikes the airport experience, specifically checking in, going through security, waiting at the terminal, and picking up checked luggage, but doesn't have the kind of wealth necessary to buy a private jet, (3) Surf Air is an airline that (4) allows the traveler to skip all the hassle of the airport experience and have access to a private jet experience without the cost. (5) Unlike all the traditional airlines, Surf Air (6) is a monthly subscription-based airline, which employs small, luxury planes that can be used by customers like private jets.