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  4.14. David Writes Down His Big Idea Hypothesis (5 min.)

Now that David has identified what he believes is a customer pain and has written down his Monetizable Pain Hypothesis, it's time for him to come up with his Big Idea Hypothesis. Just like you will have to do, David will have to make some assumptions about his target customer as well as the right solution to the customer pain.

Big Idea Hypothesis Form_David.png

David's Big Idea Hypothesis: “(1) For the entrepreneur (2) who wants to start a food truck in the city, but has decided not to pursue it because of strict government regulations (3) my business (4) will allow him or her to comply with regulations in a way that's relatively cheap, quick, and easy. (5) Unlike trying to comply with all the regulations on his or her own, using my business will (6) provide a one-stop-shop that will handle all of the resources, assets, paperwork, and connections needed to launch a food truck.”