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  4.15. Assignment: Write Down Your Big Idea Hypothesis

The Big Idea Hypothesis represents your idea about the solution to the pain you have observed. It can be a breakthrough hypothesis (ideas that run against conventional wisdom) or a better-faster-cheaper hypothesis (ideas that provide incremental improvement on an existing theme).

Assignment Directions:

1. Download the Big Idea Canvas (below) and work through the questions on the front page.

2. Create your Big Idea Hypothesis and write it down. You can either use the structure below or use the back page of the Big Idea Canvas.

In case you need reminding on what a Big Idea Hypothesis looks like, here are two examples and a copy of David's.

Subway Restaurant (Chain of Healthy Fast Food Restaurants)

(1) For the mother of multiple children who (2) wants her children to eat healthy, but is too busy to cook or stop at healthy sit-down restaurants (3) Subway is a fast food restaurant chain that (4) allows mothers to buy their children good, healthy food while on the go. (5) Unlike McDonald's or Burger King, Subway (6) serves extremely healthy meals that don't cause mothers to feel guilty when serving them to their children.

Surf Air (Subscription-based Airline)

(1) For the frequent, wealthy business traveler (2) who dislikes the airport experience, specifically checking in, going through security, waiting at the terminal, and picking up checked luggage, but doesn't have the kind of wealth necessary to buy a private jet, (3) Surf Air is an airline that (4) allows the traveler to skip all the hassle of the airport experience and have access to a private jet experience without the cost. (5) Unlike all the traditional airlines, Surf Air (6) is a monthly subscription-based airline, which employs small, luxury planes that can be used by customers like private jets.

Big Idea Hypothesis Form_David.png

David's Big Idea Hypothesis: “(1) For the entrepreneur (2) who wants to start a food truck in the city, but has decided not to pursue it because of strict government regulations (3) my business (4) will allow him or her to comply with regulations in a way that's relatively cheap, quick, and easy. (5) Unlike trying to comply with all the regulations on his or her own, using my business will (6) provide a one-stop-shop that will handle all of the resources, assets, paperwork, and connections needed to launch a food truck."

Note: You may be concerned that your Big Idea Hypothesis is not well crafted. That's ok. At this stage, it's important that you simply have a hypothesis that you can test in the coming weeks.