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  4.18. Assignment: Complete Your Business Model Canvas

Like David, you have identified the customer pain you want to explore (Monetizable Pain Hypothesis) and the solution that you think will solve that pain (Big Idea Hypothesis). With these two hypotheses now written down, turn your attention to the Business Model Canvas.

Assignment Directions:

1. Download the Business Model Canvas via the attachment at the bottom of the page.

2. To the best of your ability, fill in the nine sections of the Business Model Canvas with all of the assumptions that are connected to your Monetizable Pain Hypothesis and Big Idea Hypothesis.

Take a look at David's Business Model Canvas for an example of what yours could look like.

Note: You may be concerned that you cannot completely fill out the entire Business Model Canvas. That's ok; just do your best. At this stage, it's important that you simply have as many assumptions written down so that you can test them in the coming weeks.

For fun, you could print out a large version of the Business Model Canvas and hang it on your wall at home. Then, using post-it notes, you could put your assumptions on the canvas like David did. Post-it notes are nice to use because you can easily make changes to the canvas as things change.