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  6.2. Steps to Nail the Solution (3 min.)

In the "Nail the Solution" phase of the Nail It Then Scale It method, you will develop and test your hypothesis about the solution. Another way of saying “the solution” is to say the “product or service." But rather than following the traditional model of building a product, we will show you that you can move from the Big Idea Hypothesis in the previous phase to a virtual prototype and then to an actual prototype before you physically build anything. You will be creating the solution in stages and iterations, so that by the end you will have created a solution so perfectly matched to customer needs that they are the ones asking you for it.

The process begins with you turning your hypothesis about the solution to the pain (Big Idea Hypothesis) into a list of essential features that the solution must have (Minimum Feature Set). Then you will conduct three sequential “tests” of your hypothesized Minimum Feature Set solution. The tests progress from a Virtual Prototype Test, to a Prototype Test, and then finally to validation of the solution (see the diagram below) through a Solution Test. Depending on what you find, it may be necessary to repeat a test or two, but by the end you will have dramatically increased your chances of developing a product that fits the customer’s needs perfectly. To hit this goal, we will discuss Steps 1&2 in this section and Steps 3&4 in the next section.

Nail the Solution steps.png

If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to download the following checklist, which will help you as you go through the Nail It Then Scale It process.

(See Nail It Then Scale It, pgs. 93-95)