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  7.19. Step 1: Validate the Solution (2 min.)

money.pngIn the final steps of nailing the solution, you will return to your customers while actually building the solution to validate that you were listening correctly and have solved their problem. The tactical steps resemble that of the Prototype Test: contact your customers, get the buying panel around the table, show them the solution, record the conversation, and spend your time listening. If you have nailed the solution, your customers should be excited and willing to pay if they haven’t already. They will be asking you when they can get the product, or how they can be in a pilot program. If you are already in a pilot program, these customers should be helping you make the final refinements to commit over the long term. Their excitement should be visible and tangible. If not, you need to change the solution based on their feedback. To do this you will need to keep listening honestly to your customers.

(See Nail It Then Scale It, pgs. 131-132)