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  8.2. Steps to Nail the Go-to-Market Strategy (4 min.)

The "Nail the Go-to-Market Strategy" phase actually runs in parallel to the preceding phase, "Nail the Solution." The reason for discussing these two phases in separate units is to emphasize how these ideas are distinctly different from each other. However, nailing the solution and nailing the go-to-market strategy are actually done at the same time.

In fact, this section is organized around the three key tests we discussed in the prior unit (Virtual Prototype Test, Prototype Test, and Solution Test). The intention is that during each of the tests from the prior sections related to the solution, you will also engage in specific activities to discover and validate your go-to-market strategy. These activities are shown below. They are: 1) understanding the customer-buying process, 2) discovering the market communication and distribution infrastructure, and 3) developing pilot customers.

steps to nail gtm.png

They correlate with the three tests described in the previous unit as follows:

gtm correlation.png

If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to download the following checklist, which will help you as you go through the Nail It Then Scale It process.

(See Nail It Then Scale It, pgs. 136-137)