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  8.9. Assignment: Research the Customer-Buying Process

At this stage, you shouldn’t expect to fully master the buying process (you are making preliminary observations that you will want to reinforce with more data). However, as you make observations, begin to think about how to turn the buying process into a repeatable sales process.

Assignment Directions:

1. Ask at least three (3) individuals one or two questions regarding each of the four categories below.

  • Customer Awareness - how the customer becomes aware of the product
  • Customer Evaluation - how the customer evaluates features of the product
  • Customer Purchasing - how the customer purchases the product
  • Customer Use - how the customer uses and disposes of the product

customer buying process.png

For example, you might ask questions such as “How do you find out about new products?” If your customers respond that they read magazines, you’ll want to drill deeper. Perhaps ask, “Which magazines do you like to read?” and “What part of the magazine do you find most informative?” Ask customers these four categories of questions and then drill down until you feel comfortable.

2. Record the answers to your questions and develop a summary of what you think the customer-buying process looks like.