2. Introduction to the Accelerator - Part I (3 min.)

Entrepreneurship is changing. A fundamental paradigm shift is sweeping the field from the bottom up. As successful entrepreneurs reflect on their experiences, they are beginning to recognize the disconnect between what they thought would make them successful and what actually led to their success. In addition, entrepreneurs and investors alike are dissatisfied with the time and money required to launch a successful startup.

In our real-world laboratory over the last 20 years, we have researched thousands of companies and have directly invested more than $400 million dollars into 100+ startups, which have gone on to raise an additional $900 million from co-investors and generate billions of dollars in exits and value. In watching the winners and losers, we have noticed patterns of success and failure. For example, we have noticed how many entrepreneurs spend significant sums of money without ever discovering a real market opportunity, or how the lack of alignment between investors and entrepreneurs leads to distorted outcomes.

These and other problems come from a mistaken commitment to the outdated traditional startup process. Through research and trial-and-error, we've discovered that there is a better way - a consistently effective approach that leads to entrepreneurial success. We packed up our learning into a model and call it the Nail It Then Scale It method.

Through this program, you should learn:

1. How to identify and validate an early-stage market

2. How to create and manage breakthrough innovation

3. How to put your passion into facts, your determination into wisdom, and your idea into a successful business

4. How to develop shortcuts to success before you have spent years and thousands of dollars finding out that you were wrong

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