5. Certificate of Program Completion (2 min.)

The Certificate of Program Completion is your diploma from the accelerator program. It designates that you have thoroughly applied the curriculum material to a startup idea of your own by completing all the assignments in the program.

To earn the Certificate, you will need to complete and submit the final assignment, found in Unit 9. In short, you will be required to create and submit a video presentation that describes your journey through the Nail It Then Scale It process with your startup idea. It will explain the startup idea you chose, how you used the assignments throughout the program to apply the concepts you've learned to your startup idea, and what the outcomes have been. This means that although you are not evaluated on each assignment throughout the program, you will need to take each one seriously if you are to complete the requirements for the final assignment. Completing them thoroughly along the way will make it significantly easier for you to complete the final deliverable.

The final deliverable is a 10-minute presentation describing the process you went through to define your hypotheses, test them in the field, identify the lessons learned, and make changes (i.e., pivot) as a result. A few key tips:

  • This isn’t a business plan presentation; be sure to reveal very clearly the process you went through, the positive and negative surprises, and the changes you made
  • Tell a story - don't bore the evaluator to death
  • The final deliverable should be in a professional format

Below you will find the grading rubric for your presentation/deliverable. We are looking for evidence of hard work, thoughtful learning, and effort to move forward on the project of your choice. Most of all, we are looking to find that you have applied the process presented in this program.

In order to receive the Certification of Program Completion, you must receive a 75% or higher on the final deliverable.

Final Presentation Grading Rubric

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